Points to keep in mind while shipping wine to China


Isn’t it exciting to send gifts to your loved ones dwelling in other parts of the world to surprise them on their special occasion?  Obviously, the answer would be yes. In this modern era, people are sending wine bottles to their friends and relatives as a token of love and care. There are a few restrictions for sending wine to China through courier service. However, if you want the wine to reach your loved ones on time, then the only option left is to order wine through online wine stores. These people deliver the wine bottles ordered by its customers to the destined address on time and without delay.

Also, you can use the parcel services to send wine bottles, but the only issue is that you cannot send more than one bottle of wine to the recipient. However, in case, if you are sending through parcel service, you need to use superior quality packing bags to pack the wine bottle to prevent it from getting broken during transition. Though, these people label the parcel as a fragile item, but you need to be careful while packaging to ensure that it reaches safe to the recipient.


Few of the points you need to keep in mind while sending wine to China

Use the quick means to ship wine: Though, the cost of the sending wine to other countries is too high when you choose the fastest means of transportation, but the risks involved are pretty less over the other means. Moreover, when there are many days involved during the transition of wine, then the wine bottles are exposed to harsh weather condition, therefore taking a toll on the quality and taste of the wine.


Furthermore, you would need to bear the delay expenses. So, instead of choosing slower means of transportation, choose the faster means.


Ship to the place where the person would be ready to accept the order:


You need to give the shipping address where your relative or friend is available most of the times. Ideally, the shipping company would be sending wine to China at any time in the business hours. When you miss to collect the delivery, you would need to go to the courier office to collect them. Moreover, the wine would remain warehoused for hours together without any temperature control in the courier office, thus ruining the wine taste and flavor.


Ensure that the person receiving the wine bottle ordered by you is above the legal age:


As per law, the person receiving the wine bottle should be above 21 year without which the shipping company cannot hand over the package containing wine to kids. You need to tell the recipient to collect the surprise parcel for them.


Tell the shipment company to route the shipping to the closer courier company:


If there is no one to receive the wine delivery at your home or office, then you need to tell the shipping company to deliver them at the nearest courier office from where the recipient can collect the parcel later.


Be wary about the weather conditions or other issues during the delivery:


If there is a storm or the weather is not supportive, then there would be delay in delivery of wine bottles. Sometimes, the festival timing also results in delay.




If you are sending wine to your loved ones residing in other countries to rejoice their special occasion, you need to make sure to order the wine from a trustworthy and reliable wine store. These people ensure to deliver the wine by keeping them at the right temperature to your destination.